We deliver to any part of the Philippines.

We service any day of the week and anytime of the day 24/7 operating.

We have GPS on the trucks and know exactly where your item/cargo is at all times.

When you call all we need is the item description, length, width, height and weight. Our expert staff knows what it takes to deliver your item/cargo.

Ultimately, it comes down to dedication to a project and how hard you work. Over-delivering helps us to win immediately, thus creating new case studies which allows us to win future business.

We tell prospective clients that if they prioritize good work, exceptional service, new ideas, and a long-term relationship, then we’re the team for them. We’re an extension of each client’s team, and they’re a part of ours, so it’s important to set these expectations up front.

We’re honest about what we’re about and the reason why we believe you should choose us over our competitors. We’re not trying to get you to give your trust from the start, it’s about letting us prove it and earn your trust.

Not always. This will again depend on the type of service required. We discuss this in detail with the client before work commences.

The scope of work varies to a great extent depending on the result of the inspection undertaken or degree of infestation noted in a specific structure as buildings or residential structures, offices, etc.